Metal Roofing Issues: Leaks

  • March 20, 2017

Normally, you shouldn’t ever have to repair a metal roof that was originally specified and installed correctly by specialist Metal Roofing Contractors. As long as the roof was installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, then a leak would be a very rare event.

However, the original installer may have neglected to use correct installation procedures, may not have used the appropriate components and may have used incorrect flashing details. This can sometimes occur when using a conventional roofing contractor as opposed to a specialist Metal Roofing Contractor.

A specialist will have been given some additional specialised training by the materials manufacturer as well. The manufacturer will have a vested interest in making sure that their materials are installed correctly in order for their warranty to be valid.

Here are some common causes of Metal Roof leaks:

  1. Improper roof slope.
  2. Improperly locked/poorly secured metal panels.
  3. Leaky chimneys, skylights and roof penetrations.
  4. Leaky end-walls, side-walls and valley flashing.
  5. Rust.
  6. Defective soldering.
  7. Fastener movement.
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