Limit of Guarantee

Period of Cover: Up to 10 years commencing from date of completion

The maximum limit recoverable hereunder at the date of commencement of this Insured Guarantee is £200,000.


1. In the event of the supplier of the items under guarantee being unable to undertake any necessary remedial work under the terms of its own long term guarantee due to cessation of trading, Insurers will indemnify the holder of the Insured Guarantee for the cost of such work, providing that (a) IWA has been notified within 30 days of the fault first occurring and (b) the claims procedure being adhered to. It is understood that cover provided by this Insured Guarantee is limited to the cost of removal, repair, alteration, rectification or remedial work that is required to be undertaken within the terms and conditions of the long term guarantee issued by the supplier/IWA member company.

2. Insurers will not be liable for any accidental or consequential loss or damage or other expense as a result of the failure of the products or services provided by the supplier/IWA member company.

3. In the event that during the Period of Insurance you become entitled to any service or replacement materials under the terms of the supplier’s guarantee or in connection with the supplier’s self-certification and the supplier is unable to meet such an entitlement due solely to the fact that the supplier has ceased to trade then we will arrange for the provision of such work and or materials and this insurance will indemnify you for any costs arising therefore up to the policy limit of liability.

4. No cover is provided for faults that occurred (whether notified or not) prior to the supplier ceasing to trade other than breaches of building regulations will be covered.

5. No cover is provided for any items or work carried out that is not stated or contained within the supplier’s contract.

6. Whilst every endeavour will be made to replace products on a like for like basis no liability is accepted for aesthetic differences where an exact match cannot be supplied.

7. No alteration in the terms of this Insured Guarantee nor any endorsement hereon will be held valid unless approved and signed by Insurers. This Insurance contains the whole and only agreement in relation to its subject matter. It supersedes and extinguishes any prior agreements, representations and or arrangements of any nature, whether written or oral by any party and can only be varied by the Insurer in writing.

8. This Insured Guarantee does not cover any loss or damage, which at the time of happening is insured and/or protected by, or would, but for the existence of this Insured Guarantee, be insured or protected by any other existing insurances.

9. No cover is provided for any claim that is the consequence of subsidence or earth movement of any kind caused by any reason whatsoever (this would normally be covered by your buildings insurance).

10. No cover is provided for performance/efficiency related Guarantees or Warranties whether given in writing or verbally by the Installer/Supplier or for the provision of feed in tariffs, grants, subsides, or any other financial payment or incentive by any organisation or person in relation to this contract.


In the event of any claim under this Insured Guarantee the Insurers reserve the right to appoint an authorised IWA member to carry out work and shall not be liable for any work carried out without written authorisation by IWA.

In order to make a claim under this Insured Guarantee, the Customer must provide the following:

(a) Proof the supplier has ceased to trade.

(b) A copy of the Supplier’s contract & Guarantee (to establish that the faults are covered within the Supplier’s original Guarantee).

(c) Proof of payment (bank or building society statements)

(d) A fully completed IWA claim form.

An application for a claim form must be made in writing to: IWA, 20 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5AW or call claims department on 01604 604511


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