What is the life span of the various metals you supply?

Copper 150 years
Zinc 80 years plus
Steel 50 years plus
Aluminium 50 years plus

What is the minimum pitch for a standing seam metal roof?

4 degrees absolute minimum.7 degrees preferable

Do you supply and fit the timber roof decking and insulation?

We supply and fit the metal roof only,normally all the timber and insulation work is carried out by the builder.

Do you supply and fit gutters,downpipes,soffits and fascias?

Yes,in copper,zinc,aluminium or steel.

Are you fully qualified coppersmiths?

Yes,we are fully qualified coppersmiths

Is there a problem with mixing different metals?

Yes,copper should not come into contact with either mill finish aluminium or zinc

Do you supply a Warranty with your work?

Yes, we supply a 10-year Warranty on our workmanship. Warranties of up to 30-years are supplied with the materials. We can also arrange Insurance-backed Warranties via the FTMRC, available on request and at an additional cost.

Can you construct the roof substrate?

No, this would be the client’s responsibility.

Would a metal roof be too heavy for my house?

Surprisingly, a metal roof is on average 75% lighter than a conventional roof using slate tiles. So, weight on the structure would not be an issue.

Can you send me some samples?

We can request samples to be sent directly from our material suppliers.

Is there a lead time for your materials?

Usually, we are able to have materials delivered to site within a day or two. However, some finishes require a longer lead time. We would confirm this with the supplier.

Are metal roofs noisy?

If installed over solid plywood decking with a suitable underlay, then noise would not be an issue.

Will a metal roof reduce my energy bills?

Yes. A metal roof is an excellent insulator when installed with appropriate insulation. Heat will be retained in the dwelling for longer.

Can I install a rooflight in a metal roof?

Yes. It would need to be flashed and detailed correctly.

Can I walk on my metal roof?

Yes. But you would need to take the necessary safety precautions.

Is a metal roof weather resistant?

Metals roofs can withstand very high winds and climate changes.

What is the ‘VM Zinc at Work’ scheme?

The scheme is a partnership between VMZINC and roofing contractors to improve quality. A high quality VMZINC roof needs the expertise of a VMZINC at Work contractor.

VMZINC at Work contractors follow VMZINC recommendations as well as having a proven track record of successfully installed projects.  All are members of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC) which routinely vets the workmanship of its members.

These contractors also commit to attend annual training courses allowing their installers and office staff to be aware of the latest products and systems.  With this in mind, upon request, we offer an improved 30 Year material warranty as opposed to the standard 10 year warranty.

Key Benefits:

  • All are members of the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC).
  • 30 year material warranty if installed by a VMZINC at Work Contractor.
  • Installers trained in VMZINC recommended details.
  • Reduces Risk.
  • Peace of mind.

How can I find the best qualified contractor for doing metal roofing or wall cladding?

Ask the contractor if he is a trained coppersmith; ask the contractor if they are a member of the FTMRC; ask the contractor if they are approved installers for any of the material manufacturers such as VM Zinc or Rheinzink.


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