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Homeowner Service FAQs

1. What is your typical quote for an extension roof replacement?

Our quote will be in the range of €400 – €600 (incl VAT) per square meter of roofing depending on the complexity of your extension roof. A typical roof extension of 19 square meters with 2 existing Velux windows will be around €7250(incl VAT). This will include the full renovation of the roof (removal of the old roof slates, tiles or felt and waste disposal and also the new substrate decking under the new metal roof). The price excludes new or additional windows and skylights.

2. Will there be any extra costs during installation in addition to the original quote?

Possibly, on rare occasions. For example, if we open the roof and find a damaged joist that needs to be replaced; plumbing that needs to be diverted; electrical wiring that was not visible at the time of quotation. Basically, things that cannot be foreseen at the time of quotation. If this occurs, we will clearly show you the additional works that need to be done and we will do them at cost.

3. What are your payment terms?

Generally, we would require a 50% deposit followed by 50% payment of balance when half the works are complete. We can also offer an incremental payments option depending on your personal credit rating.

4. How can I check your Coppersmith qualification and membership with the relevant trade federations to confirm that you are a reputable contractor?

Alan Boyle, the director of the company, is a qualified Coppersmith with over 25 years of experience who trained in Munich, Bavaria. Boyle Copper and Zinc Craft Ltd are registered with FTMRC and VM Zinc. You can contact them directly to verify our membership. Our FTMRC membership requires our work to be checked on an annual basis by FTMRC.

5. Can I see examples of other similar jobs to mine that you have done?

Upon request, we can send you photos of similar jobs.

6. Will I require the services of an architect?

Generally, yes. We work directly with many architects, so we will be happy to speak with your architect. If you don’t have an architect, we will be able to design your Zinc Roof for you ourselves.

7. Will I require planning permission for a new Zinc Roof? Will I need to inform my neighbours?

Generally, there is no requirement for planning permission. You can inform your neighbours that you are having works done once we have confirmed your installation date, so they won’t become concerned if they see strangers arriving at your property.

8. Will I be able to change my roof windows and/or have additional windows installed?

Yes, we do this regularly and work with the major brands. We can install Velux and similar. For an additional charge, we will be able to do this work at the same time as your Zinc Roof installation.

9. Can I have a skylight installed if I don’t already have one?

Yes, we do this regularly and work with the major brands. We can install Velux and similar. For an additional charge, we will be able to do this work at the same time as your Zinc Roof installation. You can make good any internal plasterwork yourselves, or we will be able to find you a local tradesman to complete the internal works for you.

10. Can I have matching gutters, downpipes, soffits and fascias in Zinc as well?

Yes. Our price per square meter generally includes all associated gutters, downpipes, soffits and fascias on the roof extension supplied in Zinc. Subject to an additional cost, you can also opt for matching Zinc equipment on the main house roof.

11. Can I get the Zinc in different colour options?

Normally we recommend using the natural grey Zinc (known as Zinc Quartz) as it blends in well with all other building materials. We can offer other colours which would be more expensive.

12. I have noticed "waviness" in the zinc roofing panels in your photos. Will I also get this "waviness" effect in my new Zinc Roof?

This waviness is called the “oil canning effect” and is a natural characteristic of the Zinc material. This will give your new Zinc Roof a more natural rather than a manufactured look.

13. What happens if a leak appears after the new roof has been installed?

It is extremely rare that this will happen. If it does occur, please contact us. Providing that the installation is still within our 10-year Workmanship Warranty period, we will come out to investigate and rectify the situation.

14. How long is the installation process and what is involved?

On average it will take 1 week. We first remove the old roofing followed by installation of the new timber decking which is then followed by installation of the Zinc Roof.